Yaro The Iron Man

Hello World

Hello World! My name is Yaro, and I am the Iron Man!

Can be, why not? Everything is in your own hands, you can create your own destiny and become who you want to be. I am not the Iron Man; I am just an average guy who has 9 to 5 work and would like to create and grow multiple businesses and be my own boss. I created Residual Incomer blog to learn and help others to build businesses and get passive residual income.

There are many successful young people around. Take for example Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or the guys who created Flappy Birds game. All of them started from scratch. Even I had eBay business that was making $3000 per month in profit, I know it’s possible if you want! You just need to start and not keep sitting watching your favorite TV Shows or browsing Facebook.

Many people interested to start their own businesses and struggle with multiple steps they have on their way. Brainstorming, branding, licensing, developing, marketing, managing, turn it to passive residual income and etc.

I will start developing businesses from scratch and will post here each step I took and case studies what works better and what doesn’t.

My Goals:

  • To Learn myself how to build businesses – I want to be my own boss and live lifestyle that I want. To be able to control the time and enjoy the life with me friends and family.
  • Freedom and Independency from big corporations and managers. Today I depend on my current job that one of the biggest corporation provides. Let’s see what happen if management decides to close the project, or project just finish and there is no opening or other work left? I will lose my job and then I will need to spend some time to find a new project, spend time to prepare and go through different interviews. How often it happened to you? Often! Stressful right? I want to work on my own businesses and be self-employed. Be able to do what I want and where I want! Isn’t it perfect to work from the beach from your favorite laptop and to drink your exotic drink! I call it “Freedom”! If you share my thoughts please like my page and share my blog!freedom
  • Bring Value to the people – What the purpose of our lives? Born, study, go to work, get marry, grow kids and disappear. Don’t you feel it’s like every day: wake up, eat, go to work, eat,  watch TV, sleep, repeat? What drives you in the morning to wake up from your cozy bed? You need a purpose to wake up happily every morning and do whatever you love to do! I think each person have some values that he best of and he can pass it to others. I want to help people to achieve their goals.
  • Teach Every one else how to build businesses that will bring value to the people – Why my business should bring value to people? If your business gives to people products, services or information that helps them then, your business will become popular, and people will spread the word about it. You will able to build recognizable brand and long term customers. My goal here to teach people how to create businesses that can improve the world and help people!
  • Create Brands – Even with “Hello World words you can create profitable recognizable business. I would like to create a brand or better multiple brands that will provide values and people will recognize them.

Why Residual Incomer?

I want to create businesses that will bring passive income to me, and as you know 100% passive income business doesn’t exist. In any business, you still need to make some actions, no matter how automatic or outsourced it is. For example, you can create a business, hire employees, managers, accounting, hire a great general manager and you still need to manage GM too, no matter how good he is.

Definition of “residual income”:

The amount of income that an individual has after all expenses have been paid. Residual income calculation is usually made on a monthly basis, after the monthly bills and expenses are paid. Basically it’s the profit after all expenses.

At the beginning of each month, I will post my monthly residual income reports from businesses I created. With full description and with all expensive included there. Why? Because I want to be transparent and show real numbers and not fake millions of dollars, also it will help me to track my progress and organize every month my numbers for tax purposes.

Businesses I Currently Have:

Are you interested to find out what businesses I currently have? Then please support me by sharing or liking the page to unlock the bonus content below!


  • 1 Brand-able WebsiteA recognizable brand that will have big traffic and big customer base,   a potential online business that I will easily able to convert to offline business.
  • 2 AdSense WebsitesBlogs or websites that bring profit by selling ads on each page. Currently, I am using Google AdSense and it pays when people click on ads.
  • 1 Guest Blog Website – People can pay to post their guest posts to increase the authority of their website that they backlink in guest posts.
  • 6 Amazon Affiliate WebsitesWebsites are promoting Amazon products by comparing and reviewing products in specific niches to help customers to choose best products. Amazon affiliate program pays per purchase made by referring customers to the Amazon.[/sociallocker]

I will keep growing current businesses and slowly move them to brand-able websites. Also, I have plenty ideas on my mind, and I will keep creating new businesses from scratch. You can check my residual income ideas here.

As you can see, I am pretty busy with all current projects going on, but I will keep creating new online businesses. How will I able to manage my time and spread it across all projects? I need the strategy. Yes, the management strategy. I will hire virtual assistant and teach him how to manage my current projects or even teach him how to creates similar projects while I am looking to get my hands into new businesses where I don’t have experience.

To follow me and get latest news and ideas you can subscribe to my newsletters below. Also, you can follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

Are you interested in my first Hello World post? Then in the next article I will show why I chose online business vs offline business.

What are your goals, working every day from 9 to 5? Please leave your comment what are you looking to do other than 9 to 5 job?


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