Income Report – Summer of 2015

Hey, guys! It has been awhile since my last income report. To be correct three months! I have been busy with my new position on the full-time job and many different projects.

I will cover in this blog posts my next entrepreneurial adventures:

  • Amazon Affiliate Websites
  • Guest Posting Website
  • Amazon FBA
  • Foreign Local Travel Agency Website
  • WP Suggester Plugin
  • SaaS for Amazon Affiliate and FBA

Amazon Affiliate Incomes – Summer of 2015

I got ranking increased again! Hurray! The full information about each of them you will find below.

I also purchased one website from Flippa for really cheap. You can more info below as well.

My VAs spending only one day per week per website for articles posting and promotion. Only for couple websites they spend two days per week per website.

Supplement Website

Date Metric 5/1/2015 6/1/2015 9/1/2015
PA Moz N/A 32 35
DA Moz N/A 19 22
TF Majestic N/A 18 17
CF Majestic N/A 25 26
RD Majestic N/A 43 77
Backlinks Majestic N/A 1411 1764
URL Rating Ahref N/A 24 31
Domain Rating Ahref N/A 40 42
RD Ahref N/A 56 122
Backlinks Ahref N/A 523 1540
Sessions GA 1,689 2,671 3,773
Users GA 1,526 2,422 3,391
Page Views GA 2,027 3,749 5,226
Views/Sessions GA 1.2 1.4 1.39
Avg.Session GA 0:00:34 0:01:30 0:01:21
Bounce Rate GA 85.61% 78.25% 81.10%
New Sessions GA 90.35% 89.89% 88.13%

I mainly was adding 2 articles per week to the website and did some link building.

For example on I was posting regular post about supplements every Tuesday and review articles on every Thursday.

From link building I did quite a lot, I  think to test the waters for this niche.

I ordered The Hoth Platinum Package in July and 5 related PBN posts in August while my virtual assistants were promoting website through social networks, commenting on related website, participating on Quora and Yahoo Answers, directory, and RSS submissions and getting links from Wikipedia.

Here are the results:

  • Commenting on related websites – This only boosted some relevant niche traffic to my website and some anchor diversity.
  • Promotion through Social Networks – I don’t have big experience with marketing through social networks. I wrote some tutorial how to do social marketing on Pinterest for my VAs, and they were working couple hours per week on it. I am getting only couple visitors per day. Not great results, but it’s something.
  • Participating on Quora and Yahoo Answers – Again like with commenting this brings a good amount of traffic as well. But this need to with caution since admins can block you account and even delete all your posts.
  • Website Directory and RSS Submissions – Honestly I think directory submissions don’t do anything good to website ranking. Only if to promote the brand and add more brand-able and naked anchors.
  • Getting links from Wikipedia – My VAs had bad luck with acquiring Wikipedia dead links. So I decided they will only helping 1 hour per week per account to maintain and participate on Wikipedia. In results, I was able to build couple links to the website without problem.
  • The Hoth Web 2.0 Service – I ordered The Hoth Platinum package and after about two weeks I saw the boost in ranking in Bing/Yahoo only. Organic traffic doubled which is great!
  • Relevant PBN – I rented five relevant PBN posts for a monthly charge on homepage from a trustworthy resource. The PBN websites look like normal websites and getting traffic as well. The results? Google ranking dropped as well as Bing/Yahoo ranking. Probably it’s just algorithm jumping and need some time. I will wait for one month, and if ranking doesn’t improve I will remove links.

In summary, I still think the website is penalized in Google or because of exact match domain. Because ranking for main keywords never hit top 100.

In October if ranking won’t change I will create a brand-able website about supplements and will create silos for different niches.

And I will move web 2.0 and PBN links to the silo on a new website.

I think of 2 ways:

  1. Do 301 redirect to the new website to one of the silos?
  2. Or leave this website alone, spun all articles and placed on the new website.

What do you guys think? Comment below what will you do? I am interested in your opinion.

What about earning?

Earnings were really great in the past three months.

Revenue from supplements affiliate website:

  • June: $165.7 (+$67.53)
  • July: $149.24 ($16.46)
  • August: $312.41 (+$163.17)
  • Summer: $627.35

Home Electronics Website

Date Metric 5/1/2015 6/1/2015 9/1/2015
PA Moz N/A 28 36
DA Moz N/A 15 24
TF Majestic N/A 2 18
CF Majestic N/A 18 32
RD Majestic N/A 26 41
Backlinks Majestic N/A 141 173
URL Rating Ahref N/A 24 24
Domain Rating Ahref N/A 41 41
RD Ahref N/A 35 45
Backlinks Ahref N/A 242 236
Sessions GA 756 2671 9041
Users GA 665 2419 8127
Page Views GA 1146 3749 32087
Views/Sessions GA 1.52 1.4 3.55
Avg.Session GA 0:01:05 0:01:30 0:04:27
Bounce Rate GA 77.12% 78.25% 68.25%
New Sessions GA 87.96% 89.89% 89.96%

It makes me smile when I am looking back in May earnings.

This website started ranking really good and still far away for big keywords from page 1 or page 2.

I did pretty much the same what I did for Supplements Website.

My VAs was promoting the website through all above methods.

The only thing I did different I was using PandaBot to improve user behavior data like:

  • Lowered bounce rate
  • Increased Avg time on the website
  • Increased Avg page views per visitor

In result ranking of 60k monthly searches keyword improved in 24 hours from 97 to 28!

The next step I did order The Hoth Platinum package and ranking improved from 28 to 14.

Also ordered some PBN links that will slowly drip feed till October. So far my main big keyword ranking for on 12 places in Google.

Organic traffic, of course, great, but niche related referral traffic even better. After commenting, I got a good percentage of traffic coming form other related websites and blogs.

Of course earning increased for this website that makes me happy since it shows me hard work pays well after!

Next steps for this website will be to add closely related products and make different silos and rank hell of it! Holidays will be soon and need to be prepared to score big cash!

Revenue from home electronics affiliate website:

  • June: $235.95 (+$180.94)
  • July: $545.35 (+$309.4)
  • August: $703.33 (+$157.98)
  • Summer: $1484.63

Computer Accessories Website

Date Metric 9/1/2015
PA Moz 31
DA Moz 20
TF Majestic 11
CF Majestic 38
RD Majestic 41
Backlinks Majestic 471
URL Rating Ahref 20
Domain Rating Ahref 37
RD Ahref 39
Backlinks Ahref 111
Sessions GA 614
Users GA 597
Page Views GA 684
Views/Sessions GA 1.11
Avg.Session GA 0:00:38
Bounce Rate GA 88.40%
New Sessions GA 96.42%

Surprisingly I was able to rank this website pretty good after just 1 Platinum package from The Hoth service and just 2 PBN links.

My VAs started working on this website in August, and I didn’t see much improvement till I got some links from above.

Now my main keyword ranking right on the of page 2.

The problem is: the niche is too small and Avg cost of item around $25. So I decided to include some other closely related niches and make silos.

Anyway, this website brings money, but I spent already a lot more than revenue so far.

Revenue from computer accessories affiliate website:

  • June: $0 ($0.63)
  • July: $4.28 (+$4.28)
  • August: $11.83 (+$7.55)
  • Summer: $16.11

Kitchen Electronics Website

Date Metric 9/1/2015
PA Moz 22
DA Moz 12
TF Majestic 26
CF Majestic 7
RD Majestic 179
Backlinks Majestic 6,769
URL Rating Ahref 38
Domain Rating Ahref 38
RD Ahref 203
Backlinks Ahref 27200
Sessions GA 249
Users GA 245
Page Views GA 267
Views/Sessions GA 1.07
Avg.Session GA 0:00:38
Bounce Rate GA 88.35%
New Sessions GA 97.99%

I was thinking to build authority website from this niche, but, unfortunately, I didn’t achieve my goal yet.

Google sandbox took around eight months and website just started ranking for some main keywords in top 100 after couple PBN Links and web 2.0 links.

Right now I am making a schedule for the writer create posts and reviews for this website, and my VAs will promote it.

For my surprised even ranking improved for the main keyword and for long tail keywords I still don’t get traffic from Google.

Why? Don’t rely only on Google Keyword Planner to find Avg monthly searches for the particular keyword. I suggest to use new keyword research feature from Ahrefs and combine with Google Webmaster tool.

Hobby Electronic Equipment Website

Date Metric 9/1/2015
PA Moz 24
DA Moz 12
TF Majestic 15
CF Majestic 34
RD Majestic 24
Backlinks Majestic 635
URL Rating Ahref 16
Domain Rating Ahref 34
RD Ahref 20
Backlinks Ahref 167
Sessions GA 612
Users GA 598
Page Views GA 688
Views/Sessions GA 1.12
Avg.Session GA 0:00:46
Bounce Rate GA 86.60%
New Sessions GA 96.90%

I am not really interested in this niche and only picked it up because of partial match expired domain.

The same like from previous website my VAs have been working since August on this niche, and I ordered the platinum package from The Hoth and just 2 PBN links.

Ranking just started going up, and the website is getting traffic already. Unfortunately, I didn’t sell any item yet from it.

Home Improvement Website

Date Metric 9/1/2015
PA Moz 26
DA Moz 13
TF Majestic N/A
CF Majestic 34
RD Majestic 11
Backlinks Majestic 79
URL Rating Ahref 7
Domain Rating Ahref 21
RD Ahref 13
Backlinks Ahref 21
Sessions GA 459
Users GA 430
Page Views GA 540
Views/Sessions GA 1:18
Avg.Session GA 0:00:36
Bounce Rate GA 89.11%
New Sessions GA 93.03%

I though this website will just die slowly and will just forget about it.

Then I decided to add couple PBN links and what do you think? The website is now ranking now in top 50 for main keywords.

I will add more content now and buy The Hoth Package as well.

Fitness Equipment Website

Date Metric 9/1/2015
PA Moz 36
DA Moz 25
TF Majestic 7
CF Majestic 17
RD Majestic 162
Backlinks Majestic 2987
URL Rating Ahref 29
Domain Rating Ahref 41
RD Ahref 246
Backlinks Ahref 1560
Sessions GA 518
Users GA 452
Page Views GA 784
Views/Sessions GA 1.51
Avg.Session GA 0:02:52
Bounce Rate GA 77.99%
New Sessions GA 86.29%

This website I purchased from Flippa for only $50.

Did it make any money? No. But it had some content setup and It was already ranking in top 100 for main keywords.

So I decided to pull a trigger. What did the seller to make it rank? He ordered some Sape links and social bookmarks. Well, it helps to bypass the sandbox. After only 2-month website started ranking.

I also ordered Web 2.0 and some PBN links and ranking improved pretty good! I was ranking on page 2 for some keywords. Unfortunately due some bad links from beginning the website dropped ranking.

It still ranking in top 100 even top 50 for many keywords.

For now I will continue to add content twice per week and build other links.

If ranking doesn’t improve I will create fitness equipment authority website and redirect this nice website to niche silo.

Revenue from fitness equipment affiliate website:

  • June: $0
  • July: $3.48 (+$3.48)
  • August: $0 ($3.48)
  • Summer: $3.48

Home Hobby Electronics Website

Haven’t done anything to this website at all since I built it one year ago.

I can see it ranks for some keywords in top 100 and even for the long tail in top 10. I am just not interested in this niche.

Probably will add some PBN links and web 2.0 links as well. Then if the ranking will improve a lot, I will start adding more content and VAs will start promoting the website as well.

Outdoor Website

I actually forgot about this website and only remembered about it when I saw similar website is selling on Empire Flippers.

I checked ranking, and it ranks in top 3 for long tail keywords. The thing is the keywords coming from ALT text from images. Therefore website ranking great only in Google Images so far.

I will do probably similar like with above website to test ranking waters to see if it worth to work on it.

Total Amazon Affiliate Income

Amazon Affiliate Incomes – Summer of 2015

As you can see ranking and earning improving every month. I hope I can make some cash over holidays.

Revenue from Amazon affiliate websites:

  • June: $414.7 (+$257.23)
  • July: $704.19 (+$289.49)
  • August: $1022.57 (+$318.38)
  • Summer: $2124.1

Guest Posting Income – Summer of 2015

I don’t really like this website anymore. The ranking was going down since I wasn’t building and links to it and only getting publish guest posts on it.

Guest Posting Income - Summer of 2015

Revenue from guest posting website:

  • June: $55 ($110)
  • July: $130 (+$75)
  • August: $110 ($20)
  • Summer: $295

Amazon FBA Progress – Summer of 2015
amazon fba summer 2015

The first product that I fond was in electronics niche. Some electronic device for cell phones that I though will perfect first product. But not!

50 pcs and 10 pcs of first product still laying down in the closet and waiting their time to go for sale on Amazon.

I will send it to Amazon FBA when I will send my main product to Amazon warehouses.

So what product I found to source finally?

I actually found two products and both products for the outdoor niche. I decided to go with outdoor niche since there are so many different products can be sourced from the same factories.

Let’s talk about products and call them product #1 and product #2.

Amazon FBA Product #1

This product sells really good during the whole year and not real seasonal.

I used Jungle Scout and AMZShark to track sales numbers and competitions are making around $20k – $40k per month. I think there are three main competitions and many smaller ones.

I contacted with three different factories and ordered samples. Of course for each sample I paid around $50 – $100, but you definitely should do it before placing an order to production.

All three samples were totally different from each other. One was made with the super poor material. I probably should get money back through PayPal for it. The other one was good, but not perfect and twice expensive like the one I choose.

How my product will be different from my competitions?

I got slightly different color design based on my research. I made about 20 different design in paint and post on my personal Facebook page. After I asked people to comment which design they would buy.

The funny part people chose the design that already most competitions are selling. I went with the second design from the list. And I am also getting different size that will be perfect to use. And some extra accessories to make it bundle.

Right now I am working on color inserts and latest requirements and specs for the product with the factory.

Also, I bet this is direct manufacturer because the price is twice cheaper compare to other ones.

What is the price breakdown?

Item cost around $6.5

Shipping: Not sure exactly how much it will cost, but the item is small and weight less than a pound.

My competitions are selling the same product for $25 – $45. I am thinking to start selling for $27 and then increase to $37 or more.

The first order will be 500 units. Hopefully, I will have time to pre-order second batch for the Christmas shopping.

Amazon FBA Product #2

This product is slightly in a different niche than first product, but I have the same words in the main keyword.

There are tons of competitions on Amazon, but products are all the same and look cheap and boring.

I decided to do totally custom design, make a premium product and sell for more premium price.

I was looking online for some design idea and after couple days I found one. Then I hired a designer from Fiverr to make a similar design, but she did a terrible job, and it took to her a week which even I can do in less than 3 minutes.

Right away after she deliver the design, I hired the second designer for $25 she did awesome design. I really like it, and I think people will love it. No one sale any product on Amazon with the same design pattern.

I didn’t finish yet. I added more different accessories, and the ways item can be used. Ask to make premium materials and so on.

Currently, my sample being made on the factory and they told me will take a week or 2 to complete.

How much does it cost to make custom designed product? In my case, I need to pay for the mold that is cost $300. But if I will place an order to production they will give $300 discount.

For the particular product with custom design the MOQ was 1300.

In the end, the simple product similar to one selling on Amazon cost to make $4 and selling for $18-$25.
My product will cost around $9 to make, and I am planning to sell for $37 – $47.

Now, I am just communicating with a manufacturer about every single part of the sample.

My goal to make a premium useful product that people will love to have.

I will keep you posted.

Foreign Local Travel Agency Website

I created a website for one of my family members. He has traveled agency in my old city in Russia and very old website. The website doesn’t rank anywhere at all and was build in 90th. Of course, he lost access to the old website, and I started creating the website from scratch.

I found premium travel agency theme, hire couple native Russian writers and did keyword research. After couple month with no links at all the website started ranking for major local keywords on page 2 and 3 in Google. Not bad?

You may say keywords are really long tail and don’t have too many monthly searches. Wrong! Niche is so big and with only 500k people in the city, major keywords have 7k – 15k monthly searches per month!

The plan is to do: commenting on related high DA websites, maybe get some Wikipedia links, submit website to related directories, create web 2.0 links and use quality links from Sape.

And currently I have the problem with indexation in Yandex because they crawler takes forever to index new websites.

Also here is the note: I am working on this website only to help my family member and not taking any profit from it, only expenses.

WP Suggester Plugin


Honestly, I was so busy with my full-time job, and I didn’t even touch the plugin. In the August, I started brainstorming how to promote the plugin.

  1. I need to create sale text for the website where people will download it.

I found native English speaker copywriter from the USA and he was really expensive. I ordered couple pages for the website, sale text for the landing page, video script and series of emails from auto-responder.

  1. I ordered infographic made from the above sale text for the landing page to post on related forums where webmasters hangout.

Someone recommended a gig from Fiverr, and I was pretty happy with results. He converted 2000 words sale page to the infographic and did the awesome job for the really affordable price.

  1. I ordered 1-minute promotion video for the WP Suggester.

Again I went with Fiverr. After couple days for choosing the gig, I went with most expensive one. Unfortunately full video with video script that I ordered before will cost a lot and created 100 words video script myself.

The promo video end up pretty awesome, and you can check it on the website.

I changed the pricing model and went with onetime fee only. If plugin will become really popular then I will make version 2 as SaaS and people will able to create actionable quizzes right on my website and posted with one click and many other features like: customization and A/B testing.

SaaS for Amazon Affiliate and FBA

I also started another software project.
Yeap, another big project. This project is really huge. Basically will need to crawl whole Amazon and more.

The great thing I am not doing it myself. I partner up with one of my friends, and he is developing back-end and I will work on front-end and marketing.

I will keep secret for now what it will do since it doesn’t have real competition. But everyone who is working from niche sites to Amazon FBA will benefit from it.

Residual Income – Summer of 2015

Total Revenue – June of 2015

  • $414.7 (+$257.23) – Amazon Affiliate Websites
  • $55 ($110) – Guest Posting Website
  • $13.07 (+$4.84) – AdSense

In total, revenue in June: $428.77

Total Revenue – July of 2015

  • $704.19 (+$289.49) – Amazon Affiliate Websites
  • $130 (+$75) – Guest Posting Website
  • $4.67 (-$8.4) – AdSense

In total, revenue in July: $838.86

Total Revenue – August of 2015

  • $1022.57 (+$318.38) – Amazon Affiliate Websites
  • $110 ($20– Guest Posting Website
  • $5.39 (+$0.72) – AdSense

In total, revenue  in August: $1137.96

Total Revenue – Summer of 2015

  • $2124.1 – Amazon Affiliate Websites
  • $295 – Guest Posting Website
  • $23.13 – AdSense

In total, revenue over the summer: $2442.23

Expenses – Summer of 2015

Every month I need to invest some money for future of my businesses. I also multi-testing different services to find the best ROI.

Expenses – June of 2015


Writers and VAs:

Backlinking Services:

SEO Services:

  • $35 – Social Signals


In total, I spent in June: $1672.58

Expenses – July of 2015


Writers and VAs:

Backlinking Services:

SEO Services:


In total, I spent in July: $4172.73

Expenses – August of 2015


Writers and VAs:

Backlinking Services:

SEO Services:

  • $220 – Social Bridge Creation


In total, I spent in August: $3229.07

Expenses – Summer of 2015

Subscriptions – $686.74:

Writers and VAs – $2824.35:

Backlinking Services – $2161:

SEO Services – $488:

Misc – $2921.35:

In total, I spent in Summer: $8874.38

Profit – Summer of 2015

profit summer of 2015

Total Profit in June: -$1243.81 (+$428.31)

Total Profit in July: -$3333.87 (-$2090.06)

Total Profit in August: -$2091.11 (+$1242.76)

Total Profit in Summer: -$6668.79

Total Profit, Revenue and Expenses Since I Started

Accumulated Revenue and Expenses - Summer of 2015

Accumulated Revenue: $5047.99

Accumulated Expenses: $20552.45


So what went well in Summer?

  • Earning increased.
  • Found great writer.
  • Discovered power of The Hoth web 2.0 service.
  • Started testing PBN Services.
  • Ranking is slowly improving.

What went bad?

  • Expenses are still high.
  • Burned with Amazon FBA product.
  • Spent too much time on researching for the new product for Amazon FBA.
  • Didn’t manage my old full-time writer correctly.
  • Forgot about WP Suggester plugin

What next?

I am really discouraged about my current full-time job situation, and I have some problems over there. I think I will quit sooner than the end of this year and will able to focus on my business.

  1. Remove expenses!
  2. I got new promotion video and sale page/infographic for my plugin and I will start to promote it and will get some sales.
  3. Get my 2 Amazon FBA products produce and start selling it.
  4. Automate my system so the writer will able to produce two articles per 1 website and virtual assistants will publish them.
  5. Start doing outreach for guest posting and guestographics posting for each website.
  6. Improve ranking for every niche website.
  7. Create supplement authority website.
  8. Create shareable authority website.

Above I mentioned a lot of goals to complete. How will I achieve it?

The answer is: Focus! The best is to focus on one and only one goal at one time. Unfortunately, I am already in different businesses and currently I am not getting into any other business.

Tell me guys what is your strategy to focus and finish started work?

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  1. Paul Ng   •  

    Hi Yaro,

    Great to hear that your sites are doing well! Definitely a rewarding feeling ☺️ I still remember the time I earned my first dollar in Adsense. Needless to say, I was estatic….

    To answer your question, to stay focused and complete a given task, I first make sure that I set my daily goals. These daily goals are a breakdown of my weekly goals. I usually do this in Evernote such I that I can easily access it wherever I am.

    I also typically have one day in the week where all I do is hustle to complete as many goals as I can for that week. And if I do more work than I’m supposed to, then I’ll have a more relaxed following day.

    Most importantly though, in the grand scheme of things, I always remind myself why I’m doing what I’m doing!

    I just followed you on Twitter. Hope to connect with you as I’m running some niche sites too.


    • Yaro   •     Author

      Thank you for tips Paul!
      Next income report will be positive for sure.
      In September I made around $2k and October and November will be the best months. And it’s just from 2 websites which doesn’t rank good yet.

      Also I am tracking everything in Asana since I have access to it from my phone and my work/home laptop.
      It’s harder to keep working on multiple things at the time especially with full time job.

      Keep great work!

  2. Tony   •  

    Hi Yaro,

    Thank you for sharing the report.

    I have a question.

    Based on the cumulated expense vs.revenue, you are still in the red over all but, based on the growth rate for your business, when do you think it will break even?

    I recently did a business model prediction and it came out to about 18 months IF everything goes well.

    So curious to see what yours would be.

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