Income Report – Summer of 2015

Hey, guys! It has been awhile since my last income report. To be correct three months! I have been busy with my new position on the full-time job and many different projects. I will cover in this blog posts my next entrepreneurial adventures: Amazon Affiliate Websites Guest Posting Website Amazon FBA Foreign Local Travel Agency […]

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manage virtual assistant

The Best Ways to Manage your Virtual Assistant

As you may know I really like to use Virtual Assistance for my projects and today I am happy to present you Felix who works with, a company specialized in providing virtual assistants services. He enjoys talking with people sharing entrepreneurship interests and here is the guest post about how to manage VA. The Virtual […]

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Mobile Website Optimization Tips

13 Tips To Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Hey guys, as you probably heard about Google will release “Mobile Friendly” update on April 21. And If you think your website will be ok after the update then you are wrong! According to Zineb Ait Bahajji, (she is the webmaster trends analyst at Google) the mobile update will be bigger than the Panda and Penguin updates. Half […]

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